Techsburg - News Archives - January, 2023

Techsburg presents paper at AIAA SCITECH Forum 2023 entitled “Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Installed Ducted Propulsor Aeroacoustics”


NASA’s Advanced Air Transport Technology project has spurred development of novel transport aircraft configurations with the goal of reducing noise and greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, a subscale model of a low-solidity electric ducted fan propulsor originally designed for the Ampaire TailwindTM aircraft concept was tested in the Virginia Tech Anechoic Wind Tunnel in three installation configurations: isolated, close-coupled to an upstream airfoil, and planar boundary layer-ingesting. Three aeroacoustic CFD simulations matching the test conditions for a select run of each configuration were conducted using the PowerFLOW lattice-Boltzmann method solver. Acoustic levels from these simulations were compared against microphone measurements from the experiment, and duct modal analysis was performed at the duct inlet plane of the simulations.