Engineering Services

Linear, Annular and Sector Cascade Testing feature image

Linear, Annular and Sector Cascade Testing

Techsburg offers linear, annular and sector cascade testing using their in-house test facilities. Typical applications include aero and heat transfer…

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Low-Noise Propulsion Technologies feature image

Low-Noise Propulsion Technologies

Techsburg is a leader in the field of low-noise propulsion technologies, for both open propellers and ducted fans. In conjunction…

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Multicopter/eVTOL Technologies feature image

Multicopter/eVTOL Technologies

Techsburg has over 20 years of experience supporting technology development and providing design, analysis, and test services…

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Custom Design/Analysis Software feature image

Custom Design/Analysis Software

Over the past 8+ years, Techsburg (and partner company AVEC, Inc.) have developed custom in-house software…

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Specialty Turbomachinery Rig Testing feature image

Specialty Turbomachinery Rig Testing

For turbomachinery applications not suited for cascade testing, Techsburg offers custom rig design and testing. Examples of previous rigs include diffusers,…

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Heat Transfer Testing feature image

Heat Transfer Testing

Heat transfer measurements can be performed in any of Techsburg’s cascade wind tunnels, custom rigs or on benchtop coupons. Surface temperatures can…

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