Specialty Turbomachinery Rig Testing

For turbomachinery applications not suited for cascade testing, Techsburg offers custom rig design and testing. Examples of previous rigs include diffusers, exhaust hoods, engine intakes and transition ducts. With an extensive array of diagnostic tools, Techsburg can provide the valuable data you need whether it be aerodynamic, acoustic, aeromechanical or heat transfer related.‚Äč

Rig Characteristics

  • Mass flow rates up to 70 lb/s
  • Bleed flow and injection capabilities
  • Independent Reynolds number and Mach number control
  • Warm flow rigs with chilled secondary air

Measurement Capabilities

  • 112 Simultaneous pressure measurements
  • IR camera surface temperature measurements
  • 5-Hole probe measurements
  • Flow visualization
  • Stereo PIV
  • Hot-wire anemometry