Techsburg - News Archives - July, 2017

Techsburg selected for an Army SBIR Phase II contract entitled "Development and Demonstration of Reduced-Order Prediction Methods for Propeller Inflow Distortion Noise"


A prototype code to facilitate reduced-order modeling of propeller inflow distortion noise was completed and successfully validated during our 6-month Phase I project. The “Installed Propeller Noise Model” code (IPNM) accepts both aircraft wing/tail surface geometry input or prescribed propeller inflow data via CFD solution or other means. During Phase II, the IPNM code will be developed in a deliverable software tool to the Army. Maturation of the IPNM noise modeling code will be enhanced by experimental measurements of propeller blade loads on rotating through inflow distortion generated by upstream airfoils. In addition, hot film flow measurements in the upstream propeller potential field will lend understanding to the inflow-propeller blade load coupling and associated noise generation.