Techsburg selected for USAF Agility Prime Phase I STTR contract entitled "Maturation of a Scalable Low-Noise Propeller Family for eVTOL Applications"

Technical Abstract: To support the eVTOL industry and quiet propulsion efforts within the Air Force and the DoD in general, Techsburg will lead a team to develop and mature a low-noise propeller design suitable for near-term commercial use across a range of sizes and thrust classes. 

Overview: During this Phase I, show feasibility to provide a mature, certified, commercial off-the-shelf family of scalable low-noise propellers for eVTOL airframe companies and the Air Force Agility Prime program and USAF Propulsion Directorate. 

Technical Merit: Following a decade of low-noise propulsion research, acoustic design tool development, and experimental validation of both basic and advanced propulsion concepts for both forward and hovering flight, Techsburg will design a family of quiet and efficient propellers based on an optimal combination of performance and high-TRL features. 

Team:   Techsburg – Advanced modeling (PowerFLOW, CHARM, CFD, FEA, custom tools, Industrial DoD suppliers and propeller OEMs)

                AVEC – World class expertise in acoustic modeling, measurements, and data reduction

                Virginia Tech Aerospace and Ocean Engineering – Deep expertise in propulsion aeroacoustics and measurement techniques

Commercialization: Provide technically mature propeller hardware to eVTOL aircraft clients, DoD suppliers, and DoD programs by partnering with Rotating Composite Technologies during Phase II and beyond.

Topic focus areas addressed: Novel acoustic techniques, Advanced aircraft manufacturing, Aircraft design and analysis tools