Low-Noise Propulsion Technologies

Techsburg is a leader in the field of low-noise propulsion technologies, for both open propellers and ducted fans. In conjunction with partner company AVEC, Inc, Techsburg has designed low-noise propellers and propulsion systems for over a dozen unique aircraft of various configurations. Typical projects involve the use of custom in-house design/optimization software to minimize noise while meeting performance constraints, leading to testing/validation in the Virginia Tech Anechoic Wind Tunnel, and ultimately flight testing by the customer.


Techsburg recently added Dassault Systemes’ PowerFLOW LB-VLES (Lattice-Boltzmann Very Large Eddy Simulation) solver to our aeroacoustic analysis capabilities. This ultra-high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) suite directly solves large-scale turbulence and acoustic propagation, without the numerical dissipation/dispersion that plague traditional unsteady Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) solvers (and at a small fraction of the computational cost of Navier-Stokes LES solvers). Techsburg (with world-class acoustic signal processing expertise provided by AVEC) uses PowerFLOW as a ‘Virtual Flight Test’ or ‘Virtual Wind Tunnel’ to characterize aircraft community noise and/or detectability, identity acoustic sources/problem areas, resolve complex turbulent flow interactions, and evaluate advanced low-noise technologies at greatly reduced cost versus building and testing physical aircraft models.


The team of Techsburg and AVEC’s extensive experience in this area includes manned/unmanned aircraft, fixed-wind and rotorcraft, and pusher/tractor/over-wing/ducted installations. Prior projects have included collaboration with several airframe companies and most major American propeller manufacturers.