Wind Tunnel Test Services

Techsburg can provide testing services that include design of custom hardware (models, test sections, instrumentation, etc), data acquisition system setup, data collection, data reduction, and flow visualization.

For large scale tests, Techsburg has access to the Virginia Tech Stability Wind Tunnel. This unique facility can be configured with an anechoic test section for aeroacoustic investigations. Our partner company, AVEC, Inc., provides their acoustic expertise for tests in this facility.

Our on-site blowdown wind tunnel can be reconfigured for several operating modes, from subsonic through supersonic.

Subsonic (Large-Scale)







  • Wind speeds up to Mach 0.2
  • Test section size 6 ft x 6 ft
  • Plenum size 18 ft x 18 ft (for larger, low-speed tests)
  • Optional anechoic test section for aeroacoustic tests
  • Continuous operation


  • Corrected mass flow up to 100 lbm/s
  • Pressure as low as 1 psia
  • Independent Mach and Reynolds number control
  • ~45s run time


  • Wind speeds up to Mach 3
  • Test section size up to 20 in x 20 in
  • Up to ~45s run time


  • Aircraft models (powered and un-powered)
  • Structures
  • Wind turbines
  • Automotive


  • Transonic, laminar flow studies
  • Turbomachinery cascade testing
  • Propulsion/airframe integration
  • Flow control
  • Combustion


  • Supersonic aircraft
  • Missiles/rockets
  • Ramjet/scramjet propulsion
  • Combustion
  • Ballistics

We can easily adapt our wind tunnel facility to suit your application!

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Techsburg Blowdown Wind Tunnel Facilityclip_image002[1]

Techsburg has a wide array of instrumentation for wind tunnel measurements including:

  • 6-component force and moment strain gage balance, 120 lbf capacity
  • 3-component force strain gage balance, 1,000 lbf capacity
  • A.A. Lab Systems AN-1002 multichannel hot-wire anemometer with multiple types of hot-wire and hot-film probes for high frequency turbulence measurements
  • 64 channels of Scanivalve ZOC17 pressure transducers
  • 64 channels of Esterline miniature ESP pressure scanners
  • Shadowgraph/Schlieren photography
  • A variety of 5-hole, Pitot, and Pitot-Static probes
  • Motorized probe traverse mechanisms
  • 16-bit National Instruments A/D system with up to 256 data acquisition channels, at sample rates up to 100kHz/channel


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