Unmanned Aircraft Technology

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Techsburg has over 10 years of experience supporting major UAV programs for industry. Technical innovation and cost effective validation and test support are a few of the ways we can benefit your project. From aerodynamic design analysis to turnkey wind tunnel testing to propulsion system optimization, Techsburg can help your unmanned aircraft program stand out in a crowded marketplace.



Propulsion system design and testing

Wind tunnel testing

Vehicle technology innovation

  • Propeller/fan system design
  • High performance with low noise
  • Experimentally validated analysis tools
  • Traditional aerodynamic and aeroacoustic testing (partnering with AVEC)
  • Powered or unpowered models
  • Turnkey test support
    • Model design and fabrication
    • Test planning
    • Data acquisition support
    • Test execution and data collection
    • Data reduction
  • General aerodynamic design and performance verification
  • High performance control effector design
  • Muffler system design and testing
    • Conformal exhaust systems
    • Systems optimized for low noise
  • Air data system design
  • Energy harvesting
    • Converting waste heat to electricity

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