Turbomachinery Design, Analysis, and Testing

You can rely on Techsburg’s expertise for your most demanding turbomachinery applications. Our in-house blowdown wind tunnel has been used extensively to perform linear cascade testing of inlet guide vanes, fan blades, compressor blades, and turbine blades. Our powered static fan test stand is used to evaluate the performance of vaneaxial fans, propellers, and ducted propulsors. We also conduct noise measurements of all types of rotating machinery in partnership with AVEC, Inc.

Techsburg’s design and analysis tools enable us to accurately predict the performance and noise of turbomachinery systems, and our in-house machine shop allows us to rapidly fabricate test hardware.

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  • Centrifugal pump and blower design
  • Fan and propeller design
  • Low-noise turbomachinery design
  • Flow control for highly-loaded blade designs, increased operability and/or low-Reynolds Number operation
  • Mechanical design of test components
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Lifting line analysis
  • Performance prediction
  • Aero-acoustic noise prediction
  • High-speed, variable Reynolds Number wind tunnel cascade testing (linear and annular)
  • Diffuser, collector and transition duct testing
  • Acoustic measurement and noise source identification
  • Propulsion/airframe integration
  • Heat transfer measurements
  • Powered static fan test stand
  • Laboratory sub-component level testing

We can easily adapt our testing facilities to suit your application!

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