Labview Programming/Data Acquisition Services

For those clients that want a turn-key system for their own facility, Techsburg also offers data acquisition programming and instrumentation support to accompany our precision machined experimental models.

Services include:

  • Consultation with customer to develop test requirements
  • Assistance in selecting instrumentation to fit budget and accuracy requirements
  • Custom, user-friendly, multifunction data acquisition programs
  • On-site set-up assistance
  • Test support/data collection
  • Data analysis support
  • Turn-key system with National Instruments hardware and custom user interfaces


VI_num1                                  VI_num2


Techsburg has 12 years of experience in data acquisition and experimental setup over a wide range of applications.

  • Force and moment measurements of wind tunnel models
  • Survey of aircraft inlet with multiple linear probe traverses
  • Performance monitoring of electric motors, gas turbines, and internal combustion engines
  • Heat transfer analysis of thermoelectric generators
  • Acoustic measurement of unmanned aircraft
  • Wind tunnel testing of wind turbine designs

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